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Destination Rocío Foundation

Andalusia that leaves its mark

Senderos del Rocío Project

In the digital and frenetic era in which we live, the paradox of "disconnecting to connect" is becoming increasingly relevant. In a world saturated with constant stimuli, the idea of momentarily stepping away to immerse oneself in authentic and meaningful experiences is presented as a revitalizing act.

We gain the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the present to appreciate the details that we often overlook in our daily routine.

Whether through a nature walk, moments of meditation, or simply enjoying an uninterrupted conversation, unplugging becomes a gateway to a deeper, quality connection.

This approach allows us to appreciate the richness of the world around us. It invites us to explore new emotions, to rediscover the beauty of existence in its purest form.

In this context Senderos del Rocío was born, an initiative designed and promoted by the Fundación Destino Rocío and the result of a public-private collaboration in which the Junta de Andalucía, through the Consejería de Presidencia, plays a fundamental role.

Disconnecting implies opening space to find ourselves, nature, culture or gastronomy....inshort, to feel.

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Paths of El Rocío. Andalusia that leaves its mark

Garrucha-El Rocio Trail

Campo de Gibraltar Trail

Coming soon

Ham and Fandango Trail

Coming soon

Ham and Fandango Trail
Ham and Fandango Trail
Gibraltar Trail
Vía de la Plata Trail
Aguardiente Trail
Pedroches Valley Trail
Sierra Morena Trail
Sierra Morena Trail
Olive Grove Trail
Rocio Trail Routes Map
Costa del Sol Trail
This map is a graphical representation of the project idea and the layouts may not coincide with the routes.
Aguardiente Trail
0 Km
Garrucha - El Rocío Trail
0 Stages
Garrucha - El Rocío
Municipalities crossed

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Documentary short film "A history of the trail, Alhama de Granada": Stage 15 of the Garrucha Trail.

Fundación Destino Rocío and Mediacrest produce a teaser as a preview of a future documentary series of the Senderos del Rocío project.

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