Warning: These routes are under development, their itineraries may undergo changes and they are not signposted.

What is Senderos del Rocío?

Senderos del Rocío, the project

The Senderos del Rocío project is not just a tour; it represents a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in an enriching experience, where each step tells a story, each path reveals a new nuance and each stop leaves an indelible impression.

As a result of the collaboration between the Junta de Andalucía and the Destino Rocío Foundation, this project comes to life.

Beyond the traditional pilgrimage, this project aims to open the doors of this iconic destination to a wider public. Whether on foot, on horseback or by bicycle, Senderos del Rocío invites you to venture out at any time of the year and from any point in Andalusia.

The Fundación Destino Rocío is in charge of designing, supervising, promoting and encouraging the various routes that make up the Senderos del Rocío.

Because we believe that the diversity of paths only enriches the experience of getting to El Rocío.

Each trail offers a unique experience to disconnect, reflect and reconnect with oneself. In addition, it allows you to discover the historical, gastronomic, natural and cultural richness of this captivating land.

Senderos del Rocio adapts to the tastes and needs of each individual, offering multiple options to reach this magical destination.

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Project subsidized by the Consejería de la Presidencia, Interior, Diálogo Social y Simplificación Administrativa de la Junta de Andalucía.

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The destination, the Village of El Rocío

The Senderos del Rocío project promotes the idea of traveling in a more leisurely, conscious and meaningful way along one of the most important pilgrimage routes in Europe, along with the Camino de Santiago.

The Pilgrimage of El Rocío is one of the most famous and multitudinous, with 800 years of history, every year more than a million people join the more than 127 Brotherhoods spread around the world, to show their devotion to the Virgin of El Rocío, but also to share emotions, feelings and experiences.

What magic hides this place to be so bewitching?

The Junta de Andalucía and the Destino Rocío Foundation are working to create a network of trails that cross the Andalusia that leaves its mark and that lead to the village of El Rocío. The region is a world reference for its privileged climate and its many corners and natural sites, some of them unknown until now.

Getting to know the Andalusia that leaves its mark

Senderos del Rocío seeks to create a lasting legacy in people through 5 fundamental axes.

Senderos del Rocio offers different routes for all types of travelers, responding to a single aspiration: to know the Andalusia that leaves its mark.

A unique and innovative experience, accessible by bicycle, horseback or on foot, at any time of the year (open 365 days a year) and from any corner of the world.

With the purpose of increasing the notoriety of inland tourism, the routes run through carefully selected areas of high value, which will allow visitors to explore and enjoy nature, as well as to access specific places of cultural, historical or gastronomic interest.

Senderos del Rocío is configured as a creator of experiences, provoking in the traveler the need to feel, experience and share.

The Trail Network will have a technological system with tools (geolocation, electric charging points powered by renewable energies...) to facilitate communication and information exchange.

We want to provide the necessary tools to amplify the message, so that travelers become prescribers and ambassadors of Senderos del Rocío in the digital and analogical world.

This proposal seeks to end the seasonality of the destination, offering plans of interest throughout the year. Senderos del Rocío is an open, ambitious, global and hospitable promise; an open door to discovery. Authenticity.

Culture, nature, sustainability, leisure, sport... the possibilities of the Red de Senderos are endless. A pilgrimage full of emotions, activities, connection and disconnection, learning and illusion. Senderos del Rocío is a vital experience with multiple edges .

A new way to discover Andalusia

Andalusia is a leader in the Spanish tourism market and a world leader in this industry, for its privileged climate and its many corners and natural places in which to disconnect, reflect and find oneself. Many pilgrims already enjoy every year during the pilgrimage to El Rocío, and now it will be extended to people from any background who discover Andalusia through these routes.

Therefore, a network of trails leading to the village of El Rocío will be created, so that anyone who wants to can venture to make the journey on foot, on horseback, or by bicycle, at any time of year and from any corner of Andalusia.


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Objectives to conquer

Senderos del Rocio will stand out not only for its breathtaking scenery and the opportunity to disconnect, but also for its rich cultural offer, which adds a unique value to the pilgrimage experience.

Increasing inland tourism: which will experience a significant boost by consolidating the pilgrimage to El Rocío as a distinctive brand. This initiative will contribute to strengthen the integration and balanced development of the different areas of the territory.

Generate highly compatible experiences and content on social networks: we will seek to enhance our presence on social networks by creating experiential content that arouses emotions and motivates pilgrims to share their experiences. Digital word of mouth will be promoted, turning pilgrims into ambassadors of the experience and attracting the attention of renowned influencers. To support this strategy, technological improvements will be implemented in the area, such as geolocation and electric charging points powered by renewable energies.

We will work to combat seasonality and extend the high season in Andalusia: we will seek to make both Andalusia in general and Senderos del Rocío in particular available and active throughout the year, offering opportunities for enjoyment and experiences in all seasons.

To provide an experience that is cultural, recreational, healthy and environmentally friendly: Senderos del Rocio will stand out not only for its breathtaking scenery and the opportunity to disconnect, but also for its rich cultural offerings, which add unique value to the pilgrimage experience.

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Economic boost for Andalusia

The Senderos del Rocío project aims to generate a positive economic impact in Andalusia, similar to that of the Camino de Santiago in Galicia. It seeks to revitalize vast unpopulated areas with limited resources by promoting lodging, retail, service and restaurant businesses along the proposed routes and in the surrounding areas. It is hoped that pilgrims will be attracted by the diverse opportunities to explore our varied land.

In essence, it is a project aimed at connecting all corners of Andalusia with the Village of El Rocío through rural roads accessible throughout the year, adapted to individual preferences. 

Paths of El Rocío. Andalusia that leaves its mark

Garrucha-El Rocio Trail

Campo de Gibraltar Trail

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Ham and Fandango Trail

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